*** Please Note: Going forward, MessageStats will be succeeded by Unified Communication Command Suite (UCCS) — Analytics. With UCCS — Analytics, you can capture, analyze and act on information about Exchange and Lync workforce activities and processes in a single console. ***

MessageStats提供一体化解决方案,可减少新旧平台中电子邮件和统一通信报告及分析的复杂性,支持的平台包括内部Exchange、Office 365和Lync Server。


  • 规划Exchange迁移
  • 通过电子邮件数据挖掘,开发业务价值
  • 了解Lync使用情况
  • 提高运营效率
  • 保持顶级通信性能
  • 履行服务水平协议
  • 满足规范要求
  • 达到安全和业务目标
  • 以及更多!

Recently released, the Business Insights component improves and protects the business with simple, yet sophisticated, messaging intelligence, giving both IT staff and business users the answers they need to meet their business objectives.